Petit Ouvrage Welschhof

Welschhof is a Petit Ouvrage or small work. Built smaller than the Gros Ouvrages and only consisting of 3 fighting blocks, Welschhof was only armed with machine guns and two 47mm anti-tank guns. Welschhof came under its first German assault on the 21 June 1940 when the 262nd Infantry Division mounted an attack. 75mm fire from Gros Ouvrage Simserhof halted this attack, while Welschhof provided fire direction for Petit Ouvrage Haut-Poirier. On the morning of the 22 June, Welschhof came under attack from light artillery. Simserhof attempted to counter this, but Welschhof then came under sustained fire from effective 150mm fire. In all, 111 150mm shells struck and breached Block 1 at Welschhof. However, 75mm fire-support from Simserhof prevented the Germans from pressing home an attack with infantry. In the end, Simserhof's 75mm guns lacked the range to bring fire danger close at Welschhof, and with no alternative, Captain Lhuisset gave the order to surrender at 10 am on the 24 June 1940.