North Wales Hospital

Construction of the former North Wales Hospital at Denbigh began in September 1844 and the hospital opened in October 1848. Originally built to accommodate 200 patients, in 1865 an extension for another 150 patients was added to the main building. By 1897 more capacity is needed and work begins on a major expansion. By the time the work was complete in 1908 the hospital had gained six new wards, a laundry, boiler house, engine room, the main hall and more staff accommodation. Enoch Powell, then the Minister for Health, visited the hospital in 1960, a year before his famous 'Watertower' speech. 'There they stand, isolated, majestic, imperious, brooded over by the gigantic water-tower and chimney combined, rising unmistakable and daunting out of the countryside..." In 1987 a strategy for the closing of the hospital was decided. The closure happened in stages from 1991 to 1995.