Lungenheilanstalt Erbprinzentanne

Opening on 1 October 1898 with capacity for 44 patients, Erbprinzentanne was designed as a sanatorium for private female patients. By 1901 the hospital had expanded to accommodate 70 patients. World War One meant that the hospital was handed over to the military until 1917 when Tuberculosis patients were treated again. In 1930 another wing was added for 30 patients as well as upgrades to the medical equipment and the provision of new treatments such as a 'sunlight' room.  In 1938 there were 99 beds, and the patient population was now mainly male. 1940 saw the addition of 37 more beds. After World War Two it was decided in 1950, that the hospital should be demolished due a woodworm infestation and a new hospital be built. The first new buildings opened on 18 March 1958. In 1960 some of the refurbished original buildings re-entered service, this gave the hospital a capacity of 190 beds. By 1971 the original buildings had been removed, and in 1973 the hospital became a centre for internal medicine as well as chest illnesses. The hospital closed in August 2011 for financial reasons. 



At the time I visited the power was still on and many pieces of diagnostic equipment remained. The Ultrasound scanner definitely works.