Gros Ouvrage Bréhain

Gros Ouvrage Bréhain is a former fortification of the Maginot Line. Bréhain is 1.5Km long and 30 metres underground. The forts primary function was to provide fire support using its; two 75mm guns, 81mm mortar and 135mm gun. The fort also had a number of machine gun cloches that were fitted with 7.5mm MAC 31 machine guns. Bréhain faced no direct assault during World War Two but did engage German forces on a number of occasions. Between September 1939 and June 1940, Bréhain fired 20,250 75mm shells, 1,780 81mm mortars and 2,220 135mm shells. Bréhain surrendered on the 27 June 1940. Post-war, Bréhain was upgraded for Cold War service. The hope was that the refurbished Maginot Line forts would slow a Warsaw Pact advance. When the French nuclear deterrent became operational, the fortifications were stood down. Bréhain remains the property of the French Army.