Clayton Aniline Company

The Clayton Aniline Company Limited was founded by Charles Dreyfus in 1876 in Clayton, Manchester. The company had a long and distinguished history as a leader and innovator in the dyestuffs industry. Clayton Aniline produced aniline and aniline salts before branching into other chemicals vital to the dye and textile industries. The company was also involved in the manufacture of TNT and other high explosives during both World Wars. 1964 was a turning point for the company as it was decided to end the manufacture or aniline products. At its peak, Clayton Aniline employed more than 2000 people across a 57-acre site. With the decline in the textile industry in Great Britain, the company began to shrink and by the time production ceased in 2004 only 300 employees remained. A decommissioning staff remain on-site until 2007 and demolition followed soon after.

I visited in the rapidly fading light of an overcast August evening after finding the site almost by accident.